We passionately seek local made natural fiber fabric and choose our material wisely not only because it works best with natural dye process but more importantly, it gives maximum comfort and feels better againts our skin.


Trend is shifting in a blink of an eye nowadays. Here we are giving an alternative as we are concern on creating essential goods to complement your daily living with timeless design that can be worn in many ways and multi occassion.

Natural dye

Our fabrics processed in our own backyard workshop. Which means we know exactly how the process goes, step by step because we do it our selves. It does not mean that we are an expert. We are a learner, we aren't perfect, we failed so many times yet we evolve. We learn from our failures to improve our dyeing process. We are in love and really enjoy with every process along the way. It might be takes some time, but we knew it would be worth it and that is why we want to share it to you.

Slow fashion

By developing thoughtful design, processing our goods in the most natural way, and consuming mindfully our limited resource we aim to help shift the fashion industry toward sustainability. One small step at a time, make a change for a greater good.

To conclude, we always strive to make environmental friendly, gracefully design products. We design and deliver the wear with your comfort and functionality in mind. By wearing our product, we are hoping that your conscience will feel as good as you look.

Join our tribe to make a positive differences with #lookgoodfeelgood