Dear Change Makers,

This is a challenging time in many ways, a time when it is easy to think and fear for others.
For the first time in decades, millions of us are facing exactly the same health worries.
After fear, comes realisation that there are 2 options;
do nothing and keep the fear’s company, or act to help those in need.

We collided with an awesome non-profit foundation called Jalin Mimpi,
they’re having initiative to donate essential food, cash & masks to disability workers,
orphanages, underprivileged schools, daily workers exposed on the streets.

We found out that we share the same dream
to make a better world for the ones who are in dire need during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Therefore Jalin Natural Goods chose to act together with Jalin Mimpi.

But we can’t do it alone. We need you, together we can do so much.

We’re going to donate up to 50% of your Jalin goods purchase through Jalin Mimpi.

The newest collection, Sebumi is on sale 20% just for you.

If you’re still able to contribute, we’ll appreciate it. If not, no problem.
God bless you to see this crisis through.

Best wishes,

Jalin Team