Mocha Scarf

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Mocha Scarf 5 5

The most essential piece perfect for hijab veil because the sheer handwoven cotton respires the breeze easily. Cotton is perfect to help you withstand cold temperatures too.

The dye used to achieve Mocha color is Mangrove tree bark with Ferrous Sulfate fixative, which ensures a non-toxic dyeing process. The fabric is breathable and biodegradable pure cotton.

Measurements : 150 x 95 cm

Due to the dyeing process, length and width may have few differences cm on every piece.

How to care naturally dyed clothes:

  1. Wash with Lerak or any gentle non-detergent soap that used for washing genuine batik

  2. Wash with hands or washing machines that provide Delicate Mode

  3. Do not mix with other colors when washing

  4. Do not dry in direct sunlight


Every scarf you buy, will be donated 50% to #jalinkebaikan

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